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About the BFF Community


Members of the BFF community are building and leading

some of the world's most outstanding companies and startups.

One thing is for sure, two things for certain: when BFFS come together, we're mobilizing our magic

to go bigger, get better, and live freer.

10x your network

and access

Meet your new advisory board of magical Black women. You're rubbing shoulders and pushing out imposter syndrome with gems from business owners that look like you.

Evolve your business and

personal brand

Every season is an opportunity for you to grow and elevate. Develop your best self with daily group chat updates on the good, bad, and ugly in business plus in-person monthly socials to fuel much-needed dopamine.

Gain extra income from real opportunities

Our magic ain't free — get exposure and opportunities that pay. From speaking gigs to press, you'll find that members can magnify your influence and help you make money too.

The Vision

To bring together the best in Black Female business owners by redefining what it means to be a Founder. Founders build startups, scale local businesses, grow corporations, and birth nations.


If that's you, join our BFF community today. It's free and FOR YOU.

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